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We welcome you to National Avenue Christian Church!

Worship is at 10am every Sunday. 

You can attend in person, but we also livestream our services.

For in person worship services, we are located in Springfield, Missouri at 1515 S. National Avenue

You can also livestream our worship service, from the comfort of your own home, on our Facebook page.

In person, please park in the church lot, behind the building off Portland Street, and follow the signs to enter at the back of the church. 

Here are some things to expect (from both in person and online) from the hybrid style worship:

  • Please check-in using the QR code or link provided in the sanctuary or online.
  • Give: Your presence in this space is a gift. If you would like to give financially also, to support the work of our community, you can give via our Paypal. We also now have TEXT giving. It's a really simple one time set up  and you can set it to give once or automatically give on ANY day of the month (or week, or whenever!) that you'd like. This new way is so awesome and we hope you'll like its convenience. Text "Give" to (855) 650-1135.

Specifically In Person:

  • Communion is given and taken each Sunday. Everyone is welcome to participate, but no one is required! Crackers are dairy and gluten free.
  • We will provide snacks and coffee for coffee fellowship each Sunday after worship.
  • Offering can be given either electronically, as described above, or be given in the plates that are passed during our offering moment.
  • Passing of the Peace. We will be invited to pass the peace, or greet each other, during a specific time in worship. You are welcome to participate at your level of comfort, either by staying seated, or rising to shake hands, fist bump, or even hug.
  • Camera views. Remember that worship will be streamed live. There will be a chance for those in-person to be in the camera viewing. We will try to share locations out view of the camera if you want to avoid any chance of being the camera shot.
  • Play with your phone in worship! We encourage you to hop on facebook live and greet the community gathered online during worship as you desire, to follow your online worship guide, and to use electronic giving.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything else you want to let us know, please email us.