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This will be a multi session journey continuing our work with Enneagram! We will be going through Suzanne Stabiles book, The Paths between Us. We will be using the book and Study guide study throughout, so getting the book and staarting to look it over now would be great!

Through this course, the hope is that each of us can continue our journey  into self kindness and self love, and it is of utmost importance to have a 'practice ' where each of you can develop a sense of center and embodiment (being present to your body, and self).

  • Sunday, February  12th, after morning service, in the NACC parlor (depending on the board meeting)- lunch will be served.
  • Sunday,  February 26th,  6pm in the NACC parlor. Snacks and coffee will be provided for each of the sessions.
  • Sunday, March 12th, and 26th, at 6 pm in the NACC parlor.
  • Sunday, April 16th and 30th, at 6pm in NACC parlor.
  • Sunday, April 30th
  • These will all be in person meetings with online availability as well. If you plan to attend via Zoom, please email Pastor Jenn for access.